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St Patrick’s CBC, the very first Christian Brothers’ College in Africa, is an independent school in Kimberley, established in 1897.  The school adopted its saint name, St Patrick, at the centenary celebrations in 1997. This change signified a new beginning in the second 100 years of the life of the school.

The CBC school prepares pupils with diverse backgrounds and aptitudes for a life of learning, leadership, service and personal achievement true to its history and the charitable intentions of its founder, blessed Edmund Rice. St Patrick’s is a prestigious school with a multicultural and socially diverse pupil population.

The school offers equal opportunities for pupils to achieve excellence in academic, sporting, leadership and social endeavours, in an inclusive environment that supports learning, teaching and friendships. The school is characterised by a pursuit of all-round high achievement, a focus on preparation for tertiary studies, diversity in pupil programmes and high quality outcomes.

Perhaps most importantly for young people today, is to receive an education founded on faith and the development of strong moral values.Pupils participate in Religious Education programmes teaching high moral values. Operating from Crèche (from 4 months old) to Grade 12, this Catholic school is co-educational and welcomes children from every faith.

Coupled with this individual focus comes an understanding of the special skills needed to operate in a team environment. The College places great emphasis on the fact that our community is a family of learning. We are all a part of a unique group that is constantly learning and being challenged to push the boundaries that little bit further. St Patrick’s CBC is the only school in Kimberley offering the highly credited Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum.


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