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Tredoux, Head
Phyffer, Assistant to the Executive Head
High School
Hloma, Head High School
Murray, Head
Vertue, Head
Sikhakhane, School Secretary
Primary School
Isaacs, Head Primary School
Hauman, of Pupil Affairs
Seaward, School Secretary
ECD Centre
Seaward, of the ECD Centre
Johnson, Centre Secretary
School of the Arts
Solomon, of School of the Arts
Mokwena, Secretary
Landsberg, Manager – Plumbing & grounds
Misdorp, Manager
Switzer, Manager
Tredoux, Manager
Ward, IT
Scheider, Minette 8MSc
Beylefeld, Renette 8RB
Hartdegen, Matthew 9MH
Nyaba, Susan 9SN
De Bruin, Marguerite 10MdB
Ferreira, Susan 11SF
Matthews, Tanya 12TM
Adams, Roy Sports Department
Adams, Roy Physical Education
Beylefeld, Renette Afrikaans (Gr 9 – 12)
De Bruin, Marguerite Physical Sciences (Gr 10 – 12) Mathematical Literacy (Gr 11)
Ferreira, Susan Afrikaans (Gr 8) NS – Science (Gr 8 & 9) Life Orientation (Gr 11 – 12)
Ferreira, Samuel Creative Arts (Gr 8 – 9) Dramatic Arts (10 – 12)
Hartdegen, Matthew English (Gr 8, 9) History (Gr 8)
Hloma, Francis Mathematics (Gr 8, 11, 12) Advanced Programme Mathematics (Gr 10 – 12)
Mothoalo, Benedict Computer Science
Makono, Witness Life Sciences (Gr 11 – 12) SS – Geography (Gr 10, 11)
Matthews, Tanya English (Gr 8, 10, 11, 12)
Maynier, Peter History (Gr 9 – 12) Religious Education
Murray, Carlie Accounting (Gr 10 – 12)
Nel, Ilze Business Studies Computer Applications Technology (Gr 10 – 12)
Nhanga, Ashwence Mathematics Literacy (grade 12) Mathematics (Gr 8 – 10)
Nyaba, Susan Setswana (Gr 8 – 12)
Schneider, Minette NS – Biology (Gr 8, 9) Life Orientation (Gr 8 – 10)
Shumba, Sithabile Business Studies (Gr 11, 12) EMS (Gr 8, 9)
Vertue, Kevin Geography (Gr 8, 9, 12)

Andrews, – GRADE HEAD
De Villiers,
Heins, Michelle – GRADE HEAD
Van den Heever, – GRADE HEAD
De Beer,
Andrews, Charmaine HL English (Grade 4) Life Orientation (Grade 4) Mathematics (Grade 4) Natural Sciences (Grade 4) Social Sciences (Grade 4) Afrikaans FAL (Grade 4)
Begley, Keegan Computer Science
Botha, Mieke Drama
Datnow, Bridget English (Gr 5,6,7)
De Beer, Anja Afrikaans FAL Social Science (Grade 5 – 7)
De Villiers, Catherine HL English (Grade 4) Life Orientation (Grade 4) Mathematics (Grade 4) Natural Sciences (Grade 4) Social Sciences (Grade 4)
Du Toit, Micaela English
Fredericks, Lyndon Physical Education
Heins, Michelle LO Physical Education
Hough, Ria Afrikaans FAL Mathematics
Jordaan, Jenine Mathematics
Kgomoeadira, Kealeboga Setswana
Lucas, Micalla Natural Science
Mangiola, Steinie Religious Education
Peine, Wendy Religious Education
Sibinda, Linda HL English (Grade 4) Life Orientation (Grade 4) Mathematics (Grade 4) Natural Sciences (Grade 4) Social Sciences (Grade 4) Setswana FAL (Grade 4)
Swiegers, Zelda English
Tamukong, Newton French FAL
Urry, Gemma Visual Arts
Van den Heever, Marzaan Afrikaans Life Orientation Economic Management Science (Grade 7)
Van der Colff, Almarie Remedial
Ward, Micaila Mathematics
Christians, Natasha 00NC
Isaacs, Sharmilla 00SI
Seaward, Liz-Anne 00LS
Gill, Flora 0FG – GRADE HEAD
Bond, Tannith 0TB
Jacobs, Eleta 0EJ
Van Zyl, Donna 0DvZ
Ricketts, Pam 1PR – GRADE HEAD
Hugo, Bronwyn 1BH
Venter, Linda 1LV
Ward, Megan 1MW
Vertue, Lee-Ann 2LV – GRADE HEAD
Coetzee, Tamsen 2TC
Ontong, Sandy 2SO
Rudolph, Annemarie 2AR
Ramsay, Candace 3CR – GRADE HEAD
Harvey, Lauren 3LH
Van Niekerk, Anneen 3AvN
Von Solms, Michelle 3MvS
Kriel, Ellen Afrikaans Teacher
Seaward, Dylan Sports Department
Van Rensburg, Paul Sports Department
Seaward, Liz-Anne PORTFOLIO HEAD
Johnson, Levona SECRETARY
Finch, Rochelle 1-2 RF
Majied, Esmeralda 1-2 ES
Clayton, Marilyn 2-3 MC
Visser, Will-Maree 2-3 WV
McDonald, Engela 2-3 EM
Cupido, Candice 2-3 CC
Olivier, Nicky 3-4 NO
Engelbrecht, Marushka 3-4 ME
Janse van Rensburg, Lauren 3-4 LJvR
King, Megan 3-4 MK
Mokwena, Elvin Secretary: School of the Arts
Ray, Leigh Individual music lessons
Van Rooi, Amy Violin
Solomon, Anne HOD: School of the Arts, M.A.D.D. Fest Coordinator, Choir conductor
Solomon, Mervyn Orchestra, Individual music lessons
Ward, Kristy Music and movement: Foundation Phase, Individual music lessons

D6 – You can download our school’s d6 app on your cellphone or computer (or both) as this is a very handy tool to stay up to date with school happenings – especially the calendar feature. Download the installer from the School Communicator website: While downloading click “save” and thereafter “run”. You can also install the d6 School Communicator on your mobile phone. There are specific apps available for iPhone, Android, etc. All you need to do is visit your Play Store, search St Patrick’s CBC and download the app.

Edupac Parents’ Portal. This gives you access to your child’s marks on a secure internet based platform. Please contact for a step-by-step user guide on how to register.

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