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M.A.D.D fest 4 - 8 August 2017

St Patrick’s CBC hosted the very first M.A.D.D. fest (music . art . dance . drama) in Kimberley in 2016. This festival encompasses the nature of what our school is all about: high standards, variety, professionalism, diversity, opportunities and fun.
Our goal with the M.A.D.D fest is to encourage excellence in a supportive, nurturing and friendly environment; by inspiring each contestant to achieve their personal best. We want to create a platform for amateurs to showcase their talents, to gain confidence, to receive constructive criticism from experienced professionals and to grow through this artistic experience. There is something truly magnificent about witnessing raw talent, combined with continuous dedication and unwavering perseverance, coming together in a perfectly executed masterpiece on a stage or on what was once a blank canvas.

Sadly, music, art, dance, and drama are becoming less common in schools. The St Patrick’s CBC family believes in creating opportunities for exposure, for growth and most definitely, for recognition. All people have creative abilities, but we are not all the same. Too often, we limit our creative abilities by assuming that various art forms are limited to certain kinds of people. This is the very reason why everyone deserves to be introduced to as many of these beautiful genres as possible. Creative expression forms the essential building blocks in a comprehensive and balanced education and grounding for young people.

Pablo Picasso once said: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off of our souls.” The presence of art in our lives expands our mind, feeds our soul, grows our understanding of things and adds colour to our existence. With close to 500 entries received in its very first year, we are excited to see how M.A.D.D fest will blossom even more going forward.

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