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We are pleased to announce that we currently have 964 pupils enrolled from age 1 to Matric, the most ever in the school’s 120-year history, with a staff complement of 165. This includes a dedicated school nurse, remedial teacher, a counsellor and the introduction of French and Setswana from Grade 4. To maintain our high standard of education, it is compulsory for all pupils from Grade PR to Matric to complete an entrance assessment (English and Mathematics) before being accepted into the St Patrick’s CBC family.

Research consistently show the value of small classes. Therefore, we maintain a teacher, pupil ratio of 1:20 up to Grade 3, and from Grade 4 to 12 it is 1:25. The boarding house has also grown from 4 in in 2016 to 23 in 2018.

*It is interesting to see how the specific sections have grown year-on-year from last year to this year, with a phenomenal growth in numbers also seen in the High School.l



Early Childhood Development Centre & Grade PR



Primary School



High School







St Patrick’s CBC has achieved a 100% Matric pass rate in the 2017 Independent Examinations Board (IEB) exams, with one pupil, Bilal Waleed, being placed in the top one percent in the country for Mathematics.

Bilal, together with fellow pupil, Chara Glynos, obtained seven distinctions each, including A-symbols for Advanced Programme Mathematics. We had a small Matric class last year (just 13 pupils) but they still managed to obtain a combined total of 23 subject A’s, and 24 subject B’s, while the grade average was a very impressive 67.35%. 85% achieved Bachelor Degree passes and 15% Diploma passes.

Bilal Waleed

Chara Glyno


St Patrick’s CBC hosted the very first M.A.D.D. Fest (MUSIC . ART . DANCE . DRAMA) in 2016 with more than 500 entries in all genres. Our goal with M.A.D.D Fest is to encourage excellence in a supportive, nurturing, friendly

environment, by inspiring each contestant to achieve his/her personal best. We saw even more entries in 2017.

The success of this initiative lead to the launching of the School of the Arts this year.

The success of this initiative lead to the launching of the School of the Arts this year.

  • more than 200 pupils taking individual instrument lessons,
  • a strong Drama department (with the option to do Drama as an IEB Matric subject),
  • 3 school choirs (Foundation Phase, Senior Primary and High School),
  • 2 orchestras – School Orchestra and a Concert Orchestra,
  • Music and Movement classes for all Grade R-3’s,
  • Art classes up to Grade 7 for all pupils,
  • Art as an extramural for High School pupils,
  • Contemporary Dance classes,
  • Musical Theatre and Music History classes,
  • a variety of stage productions,
  • Registration as an examination centre for Music, Dance and Drama,
  • a number of training instruments and music stands, and will grow the equipment bank annually by means of regular purchases.

Most of these initiatives have never been offered at the school before and add to the balanced and all-round development we encourage daily.


In 2017, St Patrick’s CBC had –

  • 6 regional representatives (tennis, biathlon and cricket),
  • 10 CBC South Africa Representatives (hockey, netball, soccer),
  • 53 provincial representatives (hockey, chess, cricket, gymnastics, equestrian, tennis, swimming and biathlon,
  • 1 National Champion (gymnastics),
  • 1 National Representative (karate).

We currently have a dedicated Sports coaching department of 5 permanent staff members.


With the tremendous, yet sudden growth of the school, came the ‘good problem’ of having to find/create additional classrooms.

Besides that, there wasn’t an area of the campus that wasn’t in desperate need of a coat of paint, and in many instances also very urgent maintenance work.

Some of the more extensive projects completed in 2017:

  • Pool sealed, amended to 25m and painted,
  • Indoor pool was changed to a heated pool, with additional natural light,
  • Purchasing of additional classroom equipment and learning material,
  • Acquiring 2 Milner Road as the new Aftercare building,
  • Conversion and refurbishment of the old Aftercare building (next to Back Field) into a High School library, Drama theory and practical room, IT and CAT laboratories,
  • Creating of various age-appropriate play areas,
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance cameras installed at the High School,
  • Replacement of Grade R building roof,
  • Building of Primary School Science laboratory,
  • Purchasing of new school minibus,
  • Resurfacing of the tennis courts,
  • New Primary School bathrooms,
  • New Grade 1 bathrooms,
  • Conversion of the old gym into four new Grade 1 classes,
  • Refurbishment of the old Juniors building into four new Grade R classes,
  • Conversion of the old external toilet facilities behind the main chapel into a new Primary School Art room,
  • Sanding and varnishing of the McManus hall floor.

The old gym and the Brother Price Theatre were converted into four brand new Grade 1 classrooms

Conversion of the old laundry into a satellite building of the High School

Newly refurbished and enlarged Grade R classes (ex-Juniors building)

Projects planned for 2018:

  • Paving of all walkways around the High School.
  • Sealing of High School, Grade R building and Early Childhood Development Centre roofs.
  • Refurbishment of Nazareth House (Edmund Rice House since 2002) to ultimately accommodate 47 boarders.
  • Extensive IT upgrade, including projectors, televisions, interactive whiteboards, etc. in most classes with Wi-Fi access all over campus.
  • Expansion of CCTV coverage to cover the rest of the campus.
  • Refurbishment of the Main Chapel, including the repair and refurbishment of the organ.
  • Currently investigating the possibility of building a concert venue.

Thank You

Thank you to all past pupils for the very generous contributions we’ve received over the past year. This enables us to do much-needed upkeep and renovations on campus.

And finally a very big thank you to the Oppenheimer family for their generous contribution of R5million towards the long overdue refurbishment of Nazareth House/Edmund Rice House. This very extensive project has just commenced.

We always enjoy welcoming past pupils back to the school, so please make contact when you are next in town. My email address is

Proudly St Patrick’s!
Yours sincerely

Jacques Tredoux
Executive Head

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