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Badges   R20   Basher Band R20
Beenies   R35   Bashers R180
Boys Summer School Shirt   R100 (Gr 1- 6)   Blazers R570
Girls Winter Tunics   R280 (Gr 1 - 6)   Girls Summer Dresses R280 (Gr 1-6)
Green Floppy Sun Hats   R70   Golf Shirts White R160
White Sports Socks   R50   Grey Socks R50
Jerseys   R160   House Shirts R160
Matric Pullovers   R150   Matric Jerseys R170
Pre-Primary Golf Shirts   R120   Navy Blue Shorts R100
Scarves   R80   Pullover R130
Tracksuits   R470   Ties R50
Track Tops   R270   Track Pants R200


The Bookshop / Clothing Shop will be open on Monday to Thursday from 08h00 – 15h30 and on Fridays from 08h00 – 13h30.
Bathing costumes, caps and towels for both boys and girls must be navy, bottle green or black and may be purchased from any store in town.
Swimming caps are compulsory and no-one will be allowed in the pool without it.

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