Our History

Christian Brothers’ College (“CBC”), the very first Christian Brothers’ College in Africa, was established by the Christian Brothers originating from Ireland in 1897. Over the years, they established schools, not only in Africa, but across the world.

Christian Brothers’ College, Kimberley, opened its doors on the first day of school to a mere 15 pupils, to be joined the next day by a further 22. At that stage, it was still called the Christian Brothers’ High School. The range of subjects was wide and tuition was offered in six languages – Greek, Latin, English, Dutch, French and German.

The school built up an outstanding academic reputation from the outset, attracting boys from both Kimberley and the outlying districts. This created a need for boarding and in 1905 the school opened its own boarding facilities. For many years thereafter, the school was primarily a boarding school for boys, with special focus on Catholics.

The school adopted its saint name, Saint Patrick, at the centenary celebrations in 1997. This change signified a new beginning in the second 100 years of the life of the school. Values like honesty, humility and courage were a vital part of the education from the outset, in a school that was to face the Siege of Kimberley and two World Wars in its first 50 years.

Currently operating from age 1 to Grade 12, St Patrick’s CBC is co-educational and is currently the only school in Kimberley offering the highly credited Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum. Our small classes and quality staff allow for a very personal approach to learning. We believe that education is more than just studies and sport, and have created an environment where every child participates in an array of activities, with a special emphasis on their individual strengths.

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