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We are pleased to announce that we currently have 1056 pupils enrolled from age 2 to Matric, themost ever in the school’s 121-year history, with a staff complement of 163. To maintain our high standard of education, it is compulsory for all pupils from Grade PR to Matric to complete anentrance assessment (English and Mathematics) before being accepted into the St Patrick’s CBCfamily.

Although we are experiencing phenomenal growth, we are committed to class sizes of 20 pupils per class in the Foundation Phase (Grades 1 to 3) and 25 pupils from Grades 4 to 12. We are proud to offer the highly credited Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum in our primary and high schools.

It is interesting to note the year-on-year growth in specific sections of the school since 2016 (see table below). In particular, the High School has seen dramatic growth.

For the first time in the school’s history, we started the year with 71 Grade 8 pupils, who have been placed in three classes. Of the 49 Grade 7s from 2018, 6 opted to continue their schooling at other high schools. Their decision was based mainly on financial reasons. However, we were pleased to welcome 28 pupils from other primary schools.

Section End of 2016 End of 2017 End of 2018 2019 (Current)
Early Childhood Development Centre & Grade PR 141 261 286 268
Primary School 359 479 519 572
High School 141 128 162 216
Total 641 868 967 1056



Our 2018 Matrics, who wrote the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations at the end of last year, did the province proud, maintaining the 100% pass rate. One pupil achieved seven subject distinctions. 90,91% of the 2018 Matrics obtained Bachelor Degree (BD) passes.

The school’s 2018 matric class obtained 22 A symbols, 37 B symbols, and 49 C symbols in a class of 22 Grade 12s. The average achieved by our Matrics was 65,16%. This is the highest average achieved by this group in their entire high school career. This is evidence of the staff and pupils’ hard work and dedication. I am extremely proud of all my teaching staff, who laid a solid foundation from Grade 1, right through to high school.


Technology and innovation in education is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity. All pupils learn differently, and controlled technology allows educators to accommodate unique learning styles on an individual or small group basis. The introduction of iPad libraries, which may be utilized by teachers for specific lessons, provides opportunities to create hands-on, customized learning experiences. Smart televisions, also serving as interactive educational platforms, have been allocated to most classes, with Wi-Fi access available to educators across the entire campus. Robotics is currently offered as an extracurricular activity at the High School.


In line with our Mission to grow well-rounded young people, the School of the Arts, which was established in 2018, currently offers the following as part of their programme:

  • Music, Art and Drama classes, both as academic subjects and extracurricular activities,

  • Option to take Music and/or Drama as an IEB Matriculation subject,

  • Individual music instrumental lessons to more than 200 pupils,

  • Three school choirs and two orchestras,

  • Music and Movement classes for all Grade R to 3s,

  • A variety of stage productions and performance/exhibition opportunities,

  • Accreditation as an International Examination Centre for Music, Dance and Drama (including

    Trinity College of London and ABRSM, Royal Schools of Music).


St Patrick’s CBC offers boarding facilities from Grades 7 to 12, with a maximum of 2 boarders per room. We currently have 36 boarders, from 6 countries (Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Congo and Lesotho), an increase from the 4 pupils we had at the beginning of 2016.

Thanks to the generous donation received from the Oppenheimer Trust at the end of 2017, Nazareth House/Edmund Rice House (the school boarding house) is currently being restored to its former glory. Most of the exterior work has been completed, and the contractors are currently focusing on the interior. This entire project should be complete by the end of 2019


In 2018, St Patrick’s CBC had 57 of our pupils representing the Northern Cape in 9 different sports(gymnastics, karate, martial arts, swimming, tennis, hockey, biathlon, chess and cross country).

In terms of representing South Africa, Kisha Sampson (currently Grade 7) competed at the Royal Cup 2nd International Gymnastics Competition in Greece. She received a silver and a bronze medal. She also competed at the African Championships in Egypt and finished in 5th place overall.


The school did exceptionally well at the 2018 National Eskom Expo for Young Scientists. The following pupils were category winners in their respective areas:

  • Social Sciences: Michael Moses Food
  • Sciences: Zannerie
  • Maartens Engineering
  • Energy: Megan Birch

St Patrick’s CBC won the floating trophy for ‘Best High School’ at this Expo, which is calculatedon a points system based on participation and medals won.

We are very proud of High School pupils, Matthew Block, Tegan Ford and Riley Jones who attended the International Young Mathematician Convention in Lucknow, India in December 2018.

Matric pupil, Nai Dong Chen, currently plays for the South African National Youth Orchestra.

Another ‘wow moment’ recently was as a result of our school’s Facebook page( Our teachers do amazing things in their classes. You may have seen the video we recently posted of Grade PR pupils greeting each other at the start of the school day. Our teachers realise that our children need to master important life skills that go beyond academic work. The simple act of greeting peers every morning is a case in point. Teachers devise various ways for their pupils to greet one another. In one of our Grade PR classes, each pupil is given the chance to be the official ‘greeter’ for one week of the year. A video of their greetings that was posted on Facebook went viral and was shared and seen by thousands of people. We are thankful for this positive exposure during a time when we see so many negative social media clips relating to schools and education.


Some of the more extensive projects already completed with the kind assistance of the St Patrick’sCBC Development Trust are:

  • Outdoor pool sealed, amended to exactly 25m and painted,
  • Indoor pool changed to a heated pool, with additional natural light,
  • Acquiring 2 Milner Road as an Aftercare facility,
  • Conversion and refurbishment of the old Boarding School Laundry (next to Back Field) into a
  • High School library, Drama theory and practical room, IT and CAT laboratories,
  • CCTV cameras installed at the High School and other key areas,
  • Replacement of the School of the Arts building roof,
  • Building of Primary School Science laboratory,
  • Purchasing of new school minibus,
  • Resurfacing of the tennis courts,
  • Conversion of the old gym into four new Grade 1 classes,
  • Refurbishment of the old Juniors’ building into four new Grade R classes,
  • Conversion of the old external toilet facilities behind the main chapel into a new Primary
  • School Art room,
  • Sanding and varnishing of the McManus hall floor,
  • Paving of all walkways around the High School,
  • Refurbishment of Nazareth House (Edmund Rice House since 2002)
  • Extensive IT upgrade,
  • Refurbishment of the Main Chapel, including the repair and refurbishment of the organ.

Proposed projects for 2019:

  • Replacement of High School and Early Childhood Development Centre roofs,
  • Painting of High School building,
  • Continued refurbishment of the Main Chapel, including the repair and refurbishment of the
  • organ,
  • Continued refurbishment of Nazareth House (Edmund Rice House since 2002), which currently
  • provides accommodation for 36 boarders,
  • Upgrading of Keeley Park, including an AstroTurf for hockey,

Expansion of CCTV coverage to cover the rest of the campus,

Refurbishment of McManus Hall,

Construction of additional High School classrooms to accommodate growing demand.


We hope to see you there!

We always enjoy welcoming past pupils back to the school, so please make contact when you pass through Kimberley. My email address is


In pursuit of our Vision, we hope to grow the High School to 3 classes of 25 pupils each per grade (375 in total) by 2023.

By then all renovation and expansion projects will be complete, the school will be financially sustainable and hopefully, once again, be one of the leading schools in South Africa.

Proudly St Patrick’s! Age Quod Agis. Yours sincerely

Jacques Tredoux Executive Head

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