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School of the Arts (SCHOTA)

St Patrick’s CBC offers optional music lessons to primary school pupils

  • All Grade R – 3s have a lesson once a week in Music & Movement which teaches all the basic elements of music through group performance.
  • Theory lessons are held for all Grade 4 – 9 music students as part of the school curriculum. These are 1-hour lessons once per week.
  • Grade 10 – 12 pupils may take music as one of their IEB matriculation subjects, provided they meet the minimum requirements by the end of Grade 9.
  • International practical and/or theory examinations through ABRSM and Trinity College of London can be taken at any grade level.
  • Orchestral/ensemble playing is afforded to all students through their participation in the following music groups:
    1. The St Patrick’s CBC School Orchestra
    2. The St Patrick’s CBC Concert Orchestra
    3. The St Patrick’s Wind Band
    4. The St Patrick’s Jazz Band
  • Choral singing is an integral part of music training. There are 3 choirs at the school:
    1. The St Patrick’s Foundation Phase Choir
    2. The St Patrick’s Senior Phase Choir
    3. The St Patrick’s High School Vocal Ensemble