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Introducing Cool Beans Café Tuckshop.

Please take note that in preparing our food, all hygiene measures are taken into account and adhered to, as well as the ingredients that are used in preparing our food.  Cool Bean Café Tuckshop’s suppliers are well-known suppliers and hygiene measures of high standards in manufacturing their products, are utilized by them.  Their suppliers are listeriosis-free environments and documentation in this regard is available from them, if requested.

Click the link below, , and follow the on-screen instructions to place your orders.

There are lunchbox combo’s available on the site, as well as single orders.  Payment can be either made via pay fast or EFT into mentioned bank account on the system.  Orders will and cannot be processed, if payment was not done and received. 

Please ensure that the child/children’s correct name, grade and class is used in the recommendation box This will ensure that the intended lunchbox, will reach the right child.   

Cut-off time for intended orders, is half an hour before each break. For example, if you want to treat your child for first break, then cut-off will be half an hour before first break.  If you want to order for after school, the same rule applies.

This will ensure that food is prepared freshly and in time for them to pick up their order at the tuckshop.

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