St Patrick’s CBC is a prestigious school with a multicultural and socially diverse pupil population. The school offers various opportunities for pupils to achieve excellence in academic, sporting, leadership, and social endeavours, in an inclusive environment that supports learning, teaching and friendships.

The school is characterised by a pursuit of all-round high achievement, a focus on preparation for tertiary studies, diversity in pupil programmes and high quality outcomes. St Patrick’s CBC places great emphasis on the fact that our community is a family of learning.

We are all a part of a unique group that is constantly learning and being challenged to push the boundaries that little bit further

St Patrick’s CBC is the only school in Kimberley offering the highly credited Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum.

Early Childhood Development Centre

The Early Child Development Centre provides a holistic learning environment to pupils from Age 1 to 5
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Primary School

The Primary School creates and environment which allows pupils from Grade R - 7 to develop the wide range of skills required to prepare for High School
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High School

The High School provides pupils with the opportunity to master their skills, academically, extracurricularly, socially and emotionally, as they prepare to enter society.
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We are proud to offer schooling with a focus on

Language Development

Mathematical Skills

Scientific Excellence

Inclusion of the Creative Arts

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